Dark Avenger III – Mobile action title launching worldwide this year

Yesterday, Nexon held a big media showcase event in Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas, South Korea, to announce plans for its upcoming key mobile game, Dark Avenger 3. Developed by Boolean Games, Nexon announced the action mobile RPG will launch domestically on 27 July, followed by a scheduled global launch later this year in 14 languages, and finally land in Japan and China next year.


Dark Avenger and Dark Avenger 2 (serviced by gaming rival Gamevil) garnered over 35 million downloads worldwide, and Nexon took notice of the potential in the Dark Avengers IP. A couple of new trailers were released, highlighting features such as combat (the flashy skills), using weapons of fallen foes, getting on to the back of giant enemies, character customization, PVP, boss raids, and more.


Dark Avengers 3 will feature just 3 starting playable characters: Kenneth (Warrior), Bella (Wizard), and Hector (Berserker). Another main feature of the game is the guild system, where veteran members are able to support the new members. Boolean Games is aiming to add in new content 3 months after launch, including new storyline, a new playable character, user-controlled boss, and guild wars.




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