TERA Origin – Second mobile MMORPG based on TERA is shutting down

Other than the money-grabbing mobile SLG, TERA: Endless War, no other mobile titles based on the PC title TERA actually got launched outside of Asia. Recently, Netmarble announced it is shutting down TERA Origin, a mobile MMORPG tailored just for the Japan market. The server will officially close on January 28, 2021. We tried TERA Origin back when it launched, so have a look here. In a nutshell, the game feels rushed and unfinished.

Update: Interestingly, just days after the closure of TERA Origin was made public, it was announced that TERA Classic will launch in Japan in early 2021.

TERA M, the first mobile MMORPG based on TERA and also developed by Netmarble, did not do well in South Korea as well and has since closed. Perhaps the folks at Netmarble has over estimated the IP’s potential, and we are pretty sure that the overseas community will not be getting a TERA mobile MMORPG any time soon. Stay tuned for any new updates!