TERA Origin – Brief look at 3rd mobile MMORPG based on popular PC title

TERA Origin is the 3rd mobile MMORPG based on TERA which launched exclusively in Japan a few days ago. Before this, there were TERA M and TERA Classic, with TERA Frontier still in development. TERA Origin is the only title which is launched exclusively in Japan (the other in South Korea), but it really is a remake of TERA M by developer Netmarble, which previously claimed it is “brand new” game. You see, TERA M bombed in South Korea, and Netmarble most likely did not want the same to happen in the lucrative Japanese market.

The main difference in TERA Origin compared with TERA M is the Raven feature, which is essentially a guardian pet system tied to boosting character’s elemental stats via imbuing weapons. It is somewhat similar to Eidolons in Aura Kingdom, if you played that MMORPG before. The gameplay of TERA Origin is largely automated, with the occasion swapping of Ravens to suit each area’s elemental weakness. With a 4th TERA mobile game arriving, it is definitely a surprise none has launched outside of South Korea and Japan yet. Stay tuned!