TERA M – Quick look at starting gameplay of new mobile MMORPG

Based on the popular PC MMORPG by Bluehole and developed by Netmarble using Unreal Engine 4, TERA M launched yesterday in South Korea for both iOS and Android devices. Netmarble already has a stellar track record with the global success of Lineage II: Revolution, and it is no wonder TERA M is being seen by many as the next bug mobile MMORPG. We gave the game a quick spin, and found things to be very familiar with Lineage II: Revolution, maybe except for the new third-person view and TERA settings.

There are tons of quests to complete and rewards given, which can easily help players ease into the game before the need to spend hits. The cash shop system  in TERA M is very similar to that of Lineage II: Revolution’s, with players able to gacha for new gears and various items. Having spent around 3 hours in the game, players should not expect any groundbreaking feature to emerge. TERA M is slated to launch in more regions next year.