Moonlight Sculptor – Quick look at starting gameplay of new Korean mobile MMORPG

Developed by XLGAMES of ArcheAge fame and published by Kakao Games, Moonlight Sculptor launched a couple of days back in South Korea. Based on the popular novel, The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, there are loads of content for XLGAMES to work on. With 5 starting classes and promises of hidden content (quests, dungeons, etc), the launch version was something I really looked forward to. As usual, we spent just a few hours in the game, as we always believe it is the starting experience which will keep players engaged for more.

Disclaimer: This is our opinion on the starting experience in Moonlight Sculptor, and it is now a review of the game. Ok, the harsh truth. The starting is really boring with tons of “kill X monsters” quests. And we mean tons. We are not sure what is the max level in Moonlight Sculptor, but we feel that a good game will gradually introduce new content over every “X” levels instead of clumping them at the start or as endgame content. We followed all the quest guides, and hopefully did not miss any features. It can get really repetitive!

If there are any native Koreans playing Moonlight Sculptor, do send us a message on our Facebook page if we did miss anything. We feel that there is too much difference from what was hyped and what we experienced in the few hours spent. Hopefully it is due to us messing up and missed content… There are actually no unique features for me to highlight in this article, which came as an absolute total surprise. There is no overseas server announced as of the time of this article, so stay tuned for more updates when available!