Digimon ReArise – New mobile RPG based on Digimon franchise launches worldwide

Bandai Namco Entertainment has announced that its new mobile RPG, Digimon ReArise, is now available for iOS and Android devices. All pre-registered players will be rewarded with a plethora of coveted in-game items including valuable DigiRubies, Digivolving material and more. Furthermore, players will receive a free DigiEgg to hatch the iconic Pumpkinmon, whose powerful new Mega Digivolution will be available in the global version before emerging on the Japanese version of the game. We wonder what is this mystery Digimon…

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The celebration doesn’t end there, as all players will also receive limited time login bonuses and the chance to obtain the pre-evolved forms of WarGreymon and Sakuyamon through a limited-time summoning event available until 1 Nov. Digimon ReArise tells an all-new tale centering around an up-and-coming Digimon tamer’s adventures as they encounter the powerful new Digimon, Herissmon, amidst the appearance of a mysterious threat. After a mysterious new force called “Spirals” attack the Digital World, players set about on a new adventure to be rid of this threat, encountering both new and old faces along the way.

Players can also duke it out in real-time 5v5 battles or participate in Clash Battles, the first of which will be a battle against the Mega-level WarGreymon. Upon successful defeat of WarGreymon, tamers will be awarded with precious DigiCode, which players can use to Digivolve their Digimon into WarGreymon or the celestial shaman, Sakuyamon. Tamers are also invited to challenge each other for the top spot in the Battle Park, where they can obtain seasonal rewards based on their rank weekly; the 1st season commences on 13 Oct.