Dark Ages – Nexon reveals massive update for MMORPG launched in 1999

Many younger gamers might not know the game Dark Ages, but it was really one of the pioneers for the creation of modern MMORPG titles. Many have the impression that Nexon started off with MapleStory (2003), but Dark Ages (1999) actually came earlier. And it was actually made by Nexon, while MapleStory was created by Wizet before Nexon bought it over. Recently, Nexon announced a major update for Dark Ages, introducing a new game engine, higher resolutions (up to 1024 x 576), and improvements to overall gameplay.

While this might seem like a piece of redundant news, it actually highlights how Nexon is treating a historic piece of software with respect moving into the modern era. The English server is still up and running under KRU Interactive, although it is unknown if this mega update will arrive there. There are rumors that Nexon is trying to revive Dark Ages and get the former players back, as a mobile version is reportedly in development. Stay tuned!