Dekaron – Segita Shooter enters PVP MMORPG as 13th class in Korean server

Korean developer Ubifun, now managing Dekaron Online in the country, recently added the 13th class to the MMORPG, Segita Shooter (not to be confused with one of the OG classes Segita Hunter). Players of this new class have 2 choices of weapons, including the dual pistols (pierce damage) and cannon (burst damage). Dekaron has been online since for nearly 15 years now, and it is awesome to see this evergreen title getting new updates.

The global English server of Dekaron is now being published by Papaya Play. It is not clear when will the new Segita Shooter class is brought over to the global server, but do give the game a try if you haven’t. The crazy armors and PVP battles are the highlights! Don’t forget that a mobile version of Dekaron is now being crafted by Ubifun and ThumbAge as well.