Moonlight Sculptor – Mobile MMORPG based on popular light novel launches in Taiwan

After launching Moonlight Sculptor in South Korea last year, Kakao Games and local publisher Gamania finally launched the mobile MMORPG in Taiwan. Developed by XLGAMES, the studio behind ArcheAge, Moonlight Sculptor is based on the popular Korean light novel, Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. Most of the features are mentioned in my previous articles about the game, but the highlights here are the secret hidden areas, open-ended quests, and class system which includes the “classless” that can eventually become a sculptor.

Note: This video was recorded on the PC Android software BlueStacks.

We did not play much of the Taiwan server, as we believe that Kakao Games is preparing Moonlight Sculptor for an English launch next year as part of their ambitious overseas business expansion plans. When we played the Korean server last year, the starting experience wasn’t really great, as most of the core content are tucked away at the back. We guess it will take at least 4-5 hours of gameplay before the features really shine.