TERA: Endless War – Brief look at new mobile SLG title with 20 VIP levels

I am not a fan of mobile games with crazy VIP levels, especially in 2020 where there are many ways for developers and publishers to better monetize their mobile games without locking functions until you pay up. Unfortunately, that is the case for TERA: Endless War, which recently soft-launched by publisher Joycity. It is unknown how many regions the  game is available in. Currently, only the Google Play (Android) version is live and running.

Google Play

Using the popular TERA IP, this game merges all aspects of money sink into 1 shit show: 20 VIP levels, hero gacha, paying to speed up constructions, and many more. In all honesty, it is not even fun! TERA: Endless War is an atrocity in the current age of mobile games, and it is a pity that KRAFTON allowed this to even happen. I don’t see how things will get better with all the Pay-to-Win mechanics already baked into TERA: Endless War, but do try it out!