Rebellious Million Arthur – Third game is apparently a mobile MMORPG

Currently in development by Chinese gaming giant NetEase and supported by IP owner Square Enix, Rebellious Million Arthur (unofficial translation) was shrouded in mystery when it was first announced. Recently, the Chinese website for the game posted a few images, hinting that the mobile game will feature a full 3D open world for players to explore, similar to a MMORPG. Is NetEase riding on the upcoming mobile MMORPG trend?

The website also teased features such as day-night cycles and weather, such as rain. While not confirmed, Rebellious Million Arthur is certainly a big departure from the previous games. Each playable character is also accompanied by his or her own unique support fairy during their adventures. Launching first in China, there is currently no launch schedule.

NetEase actually held a very limited technical test a couple of days ago for Rebellious Million Arthur, and 2 screenshots have leaked out. Other than confirming Rebellious Million Arthur is a mobile MMORPG, stamina is required to enter dungeons. There will be several different male and female playable characters, each able to equip gears and costumes.


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