Revelation Online – Animated series begins airing in China later this month

[Play free now] Recently launching for the English global market, Revelation Online is developed by China’s 2nd biggest gaming company, NetEase. Known as Tianyu in China, the game is currently NetEase’s flagship PC title, hence an animated series is being produced to further boost the game’s popularity. Airing on April 26, here are a couple of official videos previewing the animated series.


I am not going to translate the whole story, but it begins with 2 godly beings whom are as close as siblings. However, one of them plunged into demonhood, going on a rampage destroying lives. The sister, having no choice, worked with other clans to seal him, but not before leaving a flaw in the seal due to their sibling relationship. A thousand years have since passed, and the evil is awakening…



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