Inuyasha Revive Story – Quick look at beta test gameplay of new mobile RPG

Here at MMO Culture, we have previously tried 2 other Inuyasha mobile games, including Inuyasha Awakening and Inuyasha: War of Naruku. A new one entered beta testing recently, titled Inuyasha: Revive Story. Although the game is in Japanese language, the developer is actually South Korean studio Hammer Entertainment, a rather new company. Inuyasha: Revive Story is an action RPG, with players controlling a team of 3 characters (5 for boss raid) from the Inuyasha lore. Seen below is a brief gameplay preview of the game!

In my opinion, the game hits the paywall way too quickly, with many upgrade functions requiring a huge amount of in-game gold. It is a really scarce resource, and continuously farming maps is just very tedious. As Inuyasha: Revive Story is still in beta testing, we were not able to purchase some diamonds to progress faster. There is still hope for some details to be tweaked though before an official launch. We doubt the game will launch overseas, similar to most of the anime titles. Stay tuned for new details when available!