CrossFire – Smilegate announce the closure of online military FPS in South Korea

Games developer Smilegate recently announced the closure of its online FPS, CrossFire, in its home country of South Korea. CrossFire is the stuff of legends, helping a near-bankrupt Smilegate overturn its fortunes years ago by letting Tencent publish the game in China and becoming the country’s most profitable online title. Smilegate’s founder thus became a billionaire and now is the 8th richest man in South Korea! CrossFire was originally operated by Neowiz before Smilegate took over in 2013. The game closes its doors on 3 March 2020.

Of course, what about the current western and China servers? CrossFire remains a top game in China under Tencent, so there is no doubt new content will still be developed for the world’s largest gaming market. The western server is still running, and looks like new events and content will also run throughout 2020. Smilegate is now busy working on 2 spin-off titles, CrossFireX and CrossFire ZERO. Also, Lost Ark is still being localized as well!