Black Desert – Pearl Abyss recaps recent worldwide community events

Over the past few months, Pearl Abyss held user conferences in Taiwan and Thailand to further develop its close ties with overseas Adventurers of Black Desert, the game currently enjoyed by 10 million users in 150 countries worldwide. Voice of Adventurers (VOA), a series of events where the teams behind Black Desert meet with Adventurers from each serviced region, has continued to be hosted by Pearl Abyss annually. Last year, the event was held in Turkey, Russia, and selected SEA countries. The Black Desert team has started off 2020 with visits to Thailand and Taiwan to gain some valuable community feedback.

Over 300 Adventurers from Taiwan attended “A Heidel Gathering” held at WESTAR in Taiwan. Various exclusive events were prepared for these users, including Lead Producer Jae-hee Kim’s announcement of the new Odylita region as well as the game content roadmap for the first half of 2020. A 3rd-anniversary cake, minigames, a Black Desert quiz, and a photo zone were also prepared to allow invitees to have a fun-filled day at the event.

To embody the competitive spirit, Arena of Arsha contest was also held where 4 teams, who were the victors of highly competitive PvP tournaments that took place in December, battled it out in the final rounds. After the finals, the winners played an exhibition match against the Thai champions. On the same day, another VOA event was also held in Bangkok to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Black Desert services in Thailand. During the event, new updates were revealed and a number of special giveaways were prepared for users.

In addition to the Voice of Adventurers events, Pearl Abyss has been hosting various events for its global users at game shows such as E3 and gamescom, as well as MEET&GREET, a special player program where Adventurers from other countries are invited to Korea. Pearl Abyss is continuing to expand efforts to communicate with Black Desert users by hosting various face-to-face events such as the two offline events held in South Korea last year.