Devil Hunter: Eternal War – Fight epic battles and become the supreme hunter

Century Game, the publisher behind King of Avalon and Guns of Glory, has announced its new 3D fantasy MMORPG, Devil Hunter: Eternal War, will have players hunting devils to achieve immortality on mobile devices at the end of March. In Devil Hunter: Eternal War, players will learn of a story between gods and devils that went untold for many millennia.

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They’ll take on the role of a hunter that has been tasked to end the war between the two battling factions in order to earn immortality. Players will select from one of four classes to reach their goal of being the supreme devil hunter: Martial Saint, Winged Illusionist, Taoist, and Arcade Luminary. Each class has their own rich role-development system that makes it possible to rapidly grow after killing devils.

Devil Hunter: Eternal Wars guild system helps bring players together so they can attain immortality at a much faster pace by banding together to fight devils. Players can also take a break from fighting devils to fight one another in a number of global PvP battle modes, including 1v1, 3v3, 1vN, or NvN. As players grow stronger, they will be able to unlock massive Artifacts, Pets, Mounts and Elixers that will aid them in battle.

Pre-registration is now available today on Google Play and the App Store. As pre-registration numbers meet certain thresholds, players who pre-registered will be rewarded with gold, an EXP Multiplier Potion, exclusive equipment, a unique in-game title, special outfits, and more.

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