Inuyasha: War of Naraku – Quick look at starting gameplay of mobile MMORPG based on classic anime

Inuyasha: War of Naraku actually launched in Taiwan a few weeks ago, hence I suppose I am quite late in posting a gameplay video on this mobile MMORPG. Developed by Chinese studio Giant Interactive, this officially-licensed game lets players control the key characters found in the popular anime series, including the titular hero himself Inuyasha. An action RPG, the gameplay doesn’t offer anything new, though the nostalgic factor is strong given the series ended in 2004 (though the manga continued until 2008 with an official ending).

Players can switch between 3 selected characters at any time, a system which I really dislike as I would prefer to have all 3 in combat together, with 2 being controlled by AI. While the game encourages active switching when facing different bosses or attacks, it still does not feel right having so many iconic characters sitting on the bench. And it was only nearly 90 minutes before I obtained my 3rd character, Shippo! Similar with most anime mobile games, Inuyasha: War of Naraku will most likely not launch in the western market.