Splitgate: Arena Warfare – “Halo + Portal” online shooter launches free on Steam

[Play free now] 1047 Games has officially released the fast-paced, sci-fi, competitive multiplayer first-person shooter Splitgate: Arena Warfare. Free to download and play now on Windows PC via Steam, Splitgate uses player-controlled portals to create a new dimension of arena combat. Splitgate evokes gamers’ favorite memories of gaming’s most-revered shooters, embracing the classic feel of close-quarters arena action with a multi-directional twist. Create portals strategically around the map to cross huge distances and outmaneuver all foes in the blink of an eye. Think Portal mixed with online shooter Halo!

Designed with intuitive controls for both FPS newcomers and veterans to pick up and play, Splitgate’s near-limitless skill cap lets players pull off jaw-dropping plays once mastered, rewarding constant jetpack movement, flanking and 360-degree ambushes. Made with futuristically stylish visuals using Unreal Engine 4, Splitgate features a variety of ranked, unranked and custom games. Battle with friends, against rivals at equal skill level in ranked multiplayer, or versus formidable AI to hone skills. Players start each match with the same loadout, but power weapons spawn regularly around the map to fuel the next kill-streak.

Players can also purchase the special Splitgate: Arena Warfare Founder’s Edition, which includes cosmetic bonuses like the exclusive Dweller armor set, four additional Dweller skins, exclusive M90 weapon skin, five bonus SWAG packs (which can be used to unlock other cosmetic items), and more for USD19.99 on Steam. Support the game and play now!