Astellia – Closed Beta schedule and pre-order packages announced

[Game website] Developer Barunson E&A today announced that its premier title Astellia is now available for pre-order through its revamped official website. Those waiting for the launch of the brand new epic fantasy MMORPG won’t have to wait too long to get their hands on the localized version that has been revamped for Western audiences. The first Closed Beta Event is scheduled to begin at the end of June, with those who pre-order at Legendary levels getting guaranteed access to all beta tests. You can also learn more about Astellia in our interview article here. Astellia is now published by Nexon in South Korea.

Players will be able to get their first hands-on experience with Astellia between June 25th through July 1st, and Legendary levels of the pre-order packages will get players into the Closed Beta 1. More betas are planned, but only Legendary Package holders will get guaranteed access to every Closed Beta phase. Take a look at all the package details here!

“We’ve been dying for players to get in and see all the work we’ve been doing to make sure Astellia is a prime example of an MMORPG done right for the West,” said Wes Conner, Project Lead on Astellia at Barunson E&A. “We know how important it is to take a game from other regions and truly renovate it to make it work for Western players. And when our fans see the fruits of those labors, I think they’re all really going to be pleased.”