Astellia – Quick look at Closed Beta 1 starting gameplay

[Pre-order] Astellia is one of just a few new PC MMORPG titles which is launching in the western market in recent years, and it recently started Closed Beta 1. You can read more details on Astellia in my interview with developer and publisher Barunson E&A right here. While the game is built on the older version of Unreal Engine, similar to Bless Online and Blade & Soul, the game still looks great with the vibrant colors and lush environments. Character models, as seen in the creation video below, are crafted with attention to details.

Not every new PC MMORPG has to be action-oriented like Black Desert using a non-target combat system, and Astellia is not shying away from the “old-school” tab-target. This is really down to personal preference and how tolerant you are to motion sickness in the fast-paced action games. Astells, somewhat similar to combat and support pets, are obviously a key feature of Astellia. There are 3 kinds, including the short and cute ones known as Servants. There are 2 more known as Guardians and Saviour, with the latter towering over players and being the most powerful. Summoning 2 or more will drain AP very quickly!

As of the writing of this article, we have gained access to a level 50 character, although it seems that the dungeon matchmaking system is not working. It is certainly frustrating as it is one of the main test element in Closed Beta 1. We will write up another article when it is up and running, so stay tuned. If you did not know, Astellia is a Buy-to-Play PC MMORPG.