Rohan M – Hours of pure boring grind in mobile MMORPG

Disclaimer: As with all other quick look articles, we spend around 2 hours trying out a new game to see if it is worth continuing. This is the same for Rohan M. Having tried and tested hundreds, if not thousands, of games in our lifetime, Rohan M seems to be the ultimate repetitive mobile MMORPG ever. In the 2 hours we played, we were only introduced to 1 gold dungeon, and the rest are just “kill X” quests. We certainly don’t mind slow leveling, but other games at least try to make it more exciting and fun along the way. Maybe this is a concept which made the the PC version of Rohan popular, but it is certainly not for us.

While starting off with just one weapon type, each class will quickly get his or her second weapon. For example, Knight will get a dual sword (as oppose to sword and shield), while Archer gets a crossbow (as oppose to bow). There are downsides and upsides to each type, and will eventually affect which job advancement path taken at level 50. We can’t imagine how long that will take! If we remember correctly, the essence of the original Rohan is in the PVP and multiplayer sieges, hence we expected these high-level features to be tweaked for low level characters in this mobile version. That is definitely not the case in Rohan M.