Hunter’s Arena: Legends – Final Closed Beta keys up for grabs for MOBA + Battle Royale hybrid PVP title

Following the resounding success of the previous Closed Beta phase for Hunter’s Arena: Legends, South Korean developer Mantisco recently announced details for Closed Beta 2! This will be the final test before the official global launch on Steam. For Closed Beta 2, the team has promised many improvements based on community feedback with more being worked on. Closed Beta 2 for Hunter’s Arena: Legends, a MOBA/Battle Royale/RPG/Fighting hybrid PVP game, will run from April 22 to April 26. A detailed schedule is available below.

Note: Claim your code via Steam as seen below. Follow the instructions!

Specific dates and times:

In Hunter’s Arena: Legends, magical yet dark landscapes beckon combatants into an enchanted realm where 60 players enter and only one leaves. From snowy mountains to dense forest to dangerous lava fields, detailed and semi-realistic terrain impacts how players do battle. Special PVE dungeon areas allow players the choice to work together to fight boss monsters for powerful rewards. Hunter’s Arena: Legends is for all player types!