Inuyasha Awakening – Quick look at Closed Beta phase of Chinese mobile RPG

Following the recent Inuyasha game we tried, a new mobile game based on the rather popular Inuyasha IP has surfaced in China. Developed by a little-known team, Inuyasha Awakening is an officially-licensed mobile title which entered Closed Beta recently. We guess you could call it a side-scroll action RPG, but the beautiful thing about the combat system is that players can bring 3 side-kicks along which are controlled by the AI. As for the main character, players can either manually control or just let the system do its work!

Other than the team-based side-scroll combat, there is nothing really unique about Inuyasha Awakening, though the game does make full use of the characters, both heroes and villains, in the various playable modes and gacha. There aren’t really many characters right now, so rolling a full character is very rare (until the pity system kicks in). Similar to most anime mobile games, Inuyasha Awakening is not expected to launch outside of Asia.