Blizzard Entertainment – Second founder leaves troubled game developer after 28 years

[Source] Following the exit of fellow company founder Mike Morhaime back in April, Frank Pearce has also announced his departure earlier today after a lengthy 28 years. Starting out as the first programmer in Blizzard Entertainment, Frank most recent role was Chief Development Officer at the house which built classics such as Diablo, StarCraft, and Warcraft. In his own words, he is departing Blizzard to “pass the torch to the next generation of leaders.” The 3rd founder, Allen Adham, rejoined Blizzard back in 2016.

Blizzard Entertainment has been in some rather disturbing incidents over the past year, including:

Firing nearly 800 employees despite having a “record” 2018 financially

Exodus of the esports team due to hiring of new head of esports from Fox

Alienating fans with the tone-deaf reveal of Diablo Immortal and “Do you not have phones.”

• And some tweets relating to the first 2 points from former Blizzard employees: