Godzilla Defense Force – Quick look at soft-launch phase starting gameplay

First announced by Nexon in March, Godzilla Defense Force is a mobile game which is meant to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the classic monster. It is developed by Studio 42, a team at Neople which made Evil Factoryand After the End. Currently in soft-launch, I managed to give the game a quick look, and wasn’t exactly pleased with the gameplay. I was expecting Godzilla Defense Force to have more RTS elements than money-grabbing titles such as Red Alert Mobile, but I was sorely disappointed as the game is once again being gated by tons of paywalls. The core gameplay is really just tapping and upgrading.

While I do understand that games have to be simplified for mobile phones, I believe game developers should not dumb games down to the point where it is literally pointless to play. Players can even purchase 30 minutes of auto-tap, which allows them to spawn the basic soldiers at a faster rate (see below). I have not played many clicker games prior, thus I am not sure if this is a norm. A new movie, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, is scheduled to release end May, hence I expect Nexon to have pre-registration around the same time.