Godzilla Defense Force – Nexon announce new mobile game based on classic IP

As announced last week, Nexon is holding a “Nexon Special Day” media event today to confirm a brand new game. It was revealed to be Godzilla Defense Force, a game which Nexon has signed a licensing contract with Japanese IP owner Toho Co., Ltd. Godzilla Defense Force is in development by Studio 42, a team at Neople which made Evil Factory and After the End. Players need to defend cities by strengthening bases and constructing new structures to prevent the onslaught of classic monsters found in the Godzilla series.

However, there will be allies such as Mecha Godzilla and Jet Jaguar too! In total, players can expect over 100 monsters from the Godzilla series which started way back in 1954. I wonder if we will see King Kong or other crossovers… Defeating a main enemy monster will grant players its card, which can then be used as a skill or buff in the following stage. Cool! Godzilla Defense Force is scheduled to launch worldwide this May in 10 different languages.