Magia: Charma Saga – Early look at new side-scroll action RPG from Nexon

Announced back in April 2018 at the annual Nexon Developer Conference (NDC) in South Korea, Magia: Charma Saga is the latest mobile game from Nexon to enter soft-launch in Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand. A colorful fantasy side-scroll action RPG developed by Korean studio superacid, Magia is perhaps the game with the most stunning 2D art I have seen in the past year for a new title. Note that Magia is still in version 1.0, meaning there will be changes before it launches worldwide in a few months.

• There are currently 3 playable characters in Magia: Charma Saga, with the 4th most likely to be available during official launch.

• While there is auto combat, this function only unlocks for each map after it has been completed. It means you must play each map manually at least once.

• The jump button I feel is located at an awkward position, and maybe the development team should look into it (or maybe because I have big hands).

• There is double jump in the game with a double-tap of the jump button.

• The combo system is rather simple based on continuous hits, and there are no bonus observed thus far for aerial combos.

• There are co-op features such as Clan (guild) and Party, though I have yet to unlock them.

• The cash shop will have gacha boxes to roll new weapons or armor pieces. There is no gacha for characters, and I doubt there will be one anytime soon.