Magia – Nexon announces new mobile 2D side-scroll action RPG

Nexon today announced a brand new mobile game at Nexon Developer Conference (NDC), an annual meeting of all of Nexon’s partners. Formerly known as Project D, Magia is a mobile 2D side-scroll action RPG in development by new studio, Super Acid. Nexon invested in Super Acid in May 2017 and has the global publishing rights for Magia. Do note that no new trailer nor screenshots were shown, and the media shown here are from last year.

Magia will be the second product from Super Acid, with the developer previously having made another mobile game published by Smilegate. Super Acid touted that Magia is a game which “maximizes the advantages of 2D side-scrolling action RPG genre,” while also introducing the ideas behind the game’s details, including animations and world view.