Perfect World Mobile – Mobile MMORPG based on classic game revealed

At the annual Tencent UP event, the Chinese gaming giant announced several major new games, including Fortnite and Magic: The Gathering Arena, among almost 20 others. Another game which caught our eyes was Perfect World Mobile, developed by none other than Perfect World. It seems both Shanda and Perfect World has recognized they can no longer compete with Tencent Games, as the latter launched Dragon Nest M on Tencent Game’s platform a couple of months back, which is now followed by Perfect World Mobile.

The game slogan reads “next generation aerial combat,” hence players can expect to spend much time in the air fighting (just a personal assumption). From the CG trailer, familiar races such as Untamed and Winged Elves can be seen, along with a potential gigantic boss raid. 6 classes are confirmed for this mobile MMORPG, although none are revealed yet. Tencent also announced that Perfect World Mobile is scheduled to launch later this year.