Red Alert Mobile – EA and Tencent Games butcher Red Alert IP in new mobile game

While Electronic Arts is attempting to remaster Command & Conquer and continue to milk the franchise they destroyed, the Red Alert series is sometimes forgotten despite, in my own opinion, having the most crazy and fun storyline. With that said, EA granted a small Chinese studio access to the Red Alert IP to make a mobile game in China, which was picked up by Tencent Games to publish. As you would have imagined, Red Alert Mobile is almost a clone of games such as Mobile Strike, but perhaps with even more money sink features. I shall not go too much into details, since we will never see it launch overseas.

Update: Just for context, players in Red Alert Mobile arrive from another dimension/ timeline etc to save the world from Yuri (also known as Phantom in Chinese) from brainwashing and controlling the world. Yuri believes that the world will be a better place if there is just one dominant mind thinking, which is his. And yes, you immediately gain control of the base because the previous commander saw this premonition before he died.

Extra note: Even the China gaming community hates the game, scoring 1.5 out of 5 from nearly 4000 reviews on popular games download app, TapTap. The scathing comments left by gamers were less than polite, which is rarely seen even for a Pay-to-Win mobile game. A user claimed that Red Alert Mobile is the lowest-scoring game in TapTap’s history.