Dark Eden M – New cinematic trailer and classes revealed for mobile MMORPG

Dark Eden can be considered a classic PC MMORPG now, since it started in South Korea 21 years ago and is still running. In fact, the English global version is still playable on Steam! First announced earlier this month, Dark Eden M continues the epic struggle between the Human and Vampire races in a unique middle-age and sci-fi setting. While no gameplay was shown thus far, a new cinematic trailer was released recently for the PVP-centric game.

Also known as Slayers, the Human race must pin their hopes for survival on Assault and Chaser (with a robotic arm which transfers ESP power to the gun) , while the Vampires look to torment any other races with the Bloodwalker (adores human blood as a source of power) and Darkeye (enjoys combat more than blood). There is no launch date yet for Dark Eden M, but you should really give the PC version a go. Stay tuned for more updates!