Perfect World – 2 new classes arriving in China server soon

The China server of Perfect World is welcoming 2 new classes on October 31 as part of it massive game content update, and they are known as “神机” for the Human race (female only) and “羽锋” for the Winged Elf race (male only). The class names can’t be literally translated, so I will just localize them as Engineer and Winged Vanguard. Wielding a giant cannon, the Engineer class specializes in explosive fire attacks, mechanisms and traps.

You can tell from the exquisite artwork below that the Winged Vanguard is a tank class with the sword and shield, though a curiously blacken pair of wings and cosmetics. According to the official lore, this splinter group of the Winged Elf race worship an unknown demonic idol and thus fell to the dark side, hence giving them their black wings and armor designs. Apparently, they are now on our side, since the Winged Vanguard is a playable class soon.