Epic Seven – Global pre-registration phase begins for mobile anime RPG

[Pre-register now] Smilegate Megaport, the publishing arm of Korean gaming giant Smilegate, does not seem to send out press release documents, even for the start of pre-registration. Yes, the global pre-registration phase started recently for Epic Seven, an anime mobile RPG developed by indie Korean studio Super Creative. At its core, Epic Seven is a really basic turn-based game with awesome skill effects and enduring anime art.

Looking deeper, there is actually quite an epic fantasy setting and a variety of unique playable characters each equipped with stylish skills. I have yet to read about any other major features, since the Korean version is still not launched. But really, the main focus of Epic Seven is on the art, combat, and story. You can follow the Facebook page for updates or go through my previous posts on the game, which is filled with game trailers as well!