TERA – Dark Reaches update adds new Apex skills and mentor system

[Play free now] En Masse Entertainment today released another free update for their flagship MMORPG, TERA. The Dark Reaches update brings major changes to the TERA experience, including the Apex skills system for the remaining classes – Archer, Gunner, Ninja, Reaper, Sorcerer and Valkyrie, two new level 65 dungeons, an updated UI, and the Compliment System. Now every class in TERA can reach their full potential with Apex skills!

Apex skills are unique and powerful class-specific abilities that add new ways to play and specialize in various roles. To unlock these powerful new Apex skills players must be level 65 with an item level 439, at which point they can travel to Highwatch and start the Velika Banquet quest. Beat the Apex questline and earn new skills! Put these brand new Apex skills to the test in two new dungeons—and earn some loot and enchanting materials in return! First, unmask the leader of the Red Raiders and uncover a secret faction within their ranks in Dark Reach Citadel, taking on the powerful element-changing golem Apetus.

Then, fight the secret faction of the Red Raiders, defeating their leader, and putting a stop to his abominable plans in Grotto of Lost Souls. The Dark Reaches update also brings update to some of TERA’s features starting with the compliment system. Experienced veterans can now help out new and returning players by enrolling in this program in-game to mentor and play as a team. As a reward, players can receive “compliments” from those they mentor. Get connected via Instance Matching to have an opportunity to get involved! PC players will receive a streamlined new UI, designed to be faster and more intuitive.