Rebirth M – New large-scale mobile MMORPG prepares for global launch

Recently launched in Brazil, Rebirth M is a new mobile MMORPG which will soon launch worldwide for iOS and Android devices. Korean developer Caret Games has crafted a beautiful and large-scale open world using the Unity engine, featuring both PvE and real-time PvP action, an engaging story line, and epic fantasy battles paired with an elaborate character and item crafting system. Rebirth M also boasts a vast open world full of quests, places, and playable characters that mirrors the dimensions of a full-scale PC MMORPG.

I have played Rebirth M for a couple of days, and is genuinely amazed by how much content Caret Games managed to include in the game, and I have not even accessed the bigger features such as guild PVP and raids yet. With 700 character levels, the first impression of Rebirth M is that of a mix between MU Online and Lineage II: Revolution, perhaps some elements of classic PC MMORPG titles such as Rohan Online and Last Chaos.

In addition to PvE, Rebirth M offers both real-time PvP and special PK survival modes in which players compete with other adventurers to establish who’s reigning the battlefields of Rebirth M. Players can also create and join guilds, and use the in-game Community System to assemble strong parties and embark on epic raids of up to 20 players simultaneously at higher levels. Of course, there are several other solo and party dungeons available as well.

Rebirth M also features four different kinds of collectibles: Wings, pets, mounts, and changeform (changing into different rarity of monsters and obtaining their skills). While exploring the vast game world and solving the many quests in the world of Rebirth M, players can collect these unique and special collectibles. With the right determination and a honed skillset, players will receive rare bonus items that cannot be achieved otherwise.

In addition to experiencing the captivating main story, there are daily missions and special challenges for players to complete, including a variety of in-game events. By completing each one of them, users will receive unique prizes that can be used to boost their characters and improve battle skills needed to take on more advanced enemies and other players. While Rebirth M already has a huge amount of content, developer Caret Games has promised event more through regular updates. Stay tuned for the global launch news!