Sid Shock – Quick look at sequel to popular Sid Story mobile RPG

Over the past few years, I have frequently seen ads for the mobile game Sid Story around, and was in the general impression that the game is doing well. Developed by Korean studio Singta, a follow-up mobile RPG titled Sid Shock was soft-launched. The game name itself is kind of weird, though it did not really put me off from trying the game out. Sid Shock is really rough around the edges, with some very obvious translation issues which made the story text hard to understand and also felt lacking in terms of game content. Perhaps these worked for Sid Story back then. In my opinion, Sid Shock is no where near a full launch.

Basically, Sid Shock is just a mobile RPG where players form teams of 5 characters and watch them auto-battle for most of the time. I am not against the automated features, just too boring in the long run without any other modes such as endless tower, co-op, gold dungeon, equipment dungeon, solo raid, etc. Yeah there is the world boss which I have yet to encounter, but you do get the drift. Hopefully developer Singta can polish Sid Shock more before aiming to launch the game worldwide. And perhaps have a new game title.