Lost Ark – Smilegate reveals new update roadmap for popular MMORPG

It has been a few months since Lost Ark launched in South Korea, and developer Smilegate is certainly not resting on its laurels by announcing a new roadmap of new content after the recent addition of the Lance Master class. Unlike western studios, Korean ones usually deliver on time. Here are some of the content which has arrived, and those which are coming later this month and further into the near future. No word on overseas server yet!

Automated Route System – As the term suggests, automated movement, but only when players are sailing on the seas.

New continent of Yon – A whole new continent to explore, where large cities are built underground to avoid the harsh natural weather on the surface. A different experience from other playable lands, players can obtain new high level equipment here.

First marine-based dungeon – Not really sure if this is underwater, but players will be introduced to a new environment in this dungeon. New open world boss, 4 new islands, and more awaits as well.

These are just some of the confirmed content for Lost Ark over the next couple of months, with more on the way according to the new roadmap. Detailed information on each new content will be provided to the Korean players when the different launch dates get closer.