Brown Dust – New mercenaries and game mode arrives for mobile strategy game

Brown Dust, the popular tactical RPG from Neowiz which recently surpassed 2 million global downloads, today launched its latest massive update. Fresh content include 3 debuting mercenaries to recruit, a brand new story for 2 players-favorite mercenaries, new costume designs, and also new events. Perhaps the most anticipated part of the new content update is the Tournament Mode, which collects the top 128 players to compete each month for prizes and the chance to be named Champion, will hold its inaugural kick-off on May 30th.

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The 3 new mercenaries, dubbed “The Iron Ladies”, are Wilhelmina, Laura, and Charlotte – a ★5 Warrior, ★5 Support, and a ★4 Magician. With powerful single-target attacks that ignore enemy defense, and a high crit rate buff, Wilhelmina is a deadly melee warrior. Meanwhile, Laura supports player’s army with powerful support skills which can increase units’ ATK and Crit Damage while also imbuing them with a shield that shocks incoming attackers. Finally Charlotte can attack in a broad and large area with Curse, Healing Prohibition, and Burn.