Lost Ark – Lance Master class announced for popular action MMORPG

Smilegate today announced the first new class for Lost Ark since its Korean launch, Lance Master. A highlight of Lance Master is the ability to switch between 2 different combat stances, Ambush (for wide area attacks) and Intensive (high damage). There is also a new gauge which charges up to a maximum of 3 bars during combat to further boost Lance Master’s attacks. Smilegate is currently holding a pre-registration event, where players can obtain bonus items when Lance Master is launched. She joins the battlefield on 24 April.

Update: The new Lance Master class is the 4th under the Fighter category, along with classes such as Battle Master, Infighter, and Soul Master. These are usually fists and legs combatants, and Lance Master is the first Fighter to wield an actual weapon. Will we be seeing more Asian-styled weapons here, such as swords and fans? Stay tuned!