Hearthstone – Blizzard Korea partners with Dunkin’ to promote latest game expansion

[Play free now] Blizzard Entertainment recently launched the “Rise of Shadows” expansion for its widely popular digital card game, Hearthstone, and Blizzard Korea had a rather unique marketing campaign to celebrate the occasion. Working with Dunkin’ Donuts (now known as Dunkin’), there are now several live events ongoing for the next 2 weeks which include both food items and in-game digital bonus goodies (listed as “original card packs”).

Other than a special Hearthstone box design for the donuts, Dunkin’ has also packaged its Mocha Rolls and drinking cups with the game’s logo. A special promotional video was also made as seen above. Rise of Shadows is available worldwide (PC, mobile) and introduces 135 all-new cards featuring mechanics and keywords expressly designed for “doing no good.” Rise of Shadows is also touted as “the biggest story ever told in Hearthstone.”


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