Lost Ark – Season 2 game trailer revealed along with new Reaper class

A couple of weeks back, we posted about the massive Season 2 update for Lost Ark, which coincides with the summer content as well. Recently added into the Korean server, a new lengthy trailer was showcased as well to display all these new features. To summarize, almost all new gameplay is to improve the overall community spirit, such as guilds and friends. There are more casual experiences as well, rather than just raids and dungeons.

Also introduced is the new Scouter class, the 4th under the Hunter category (after Devil Hunter, Blaster, and Hawkeye). A new introduction trailer was made public too, highlighting his futuristic abilities and his “Iron Man” armor mode. Definitely a massive DPS character!

Next is the immediate future of Lost Ark. While there has been no official news about more overseas servers (after Russia and Japan), developer Smilegate is working hard to add in new content. Starting from now till the end of October, there are no less than 7 major additions into Lost Ark in terms of features, dungeons, maps, etc. The most significant one is the new Reaper class, only the 3rd under the Assassin category after Blade and Demonic. She is soon arriving in the Korean server of Lost Ark on 29 September to slice up everyone.