Lost Ark – Massive guild territory system announced for Season 2 update

Smilegate RPG and Smilegate Stove, 2 teams under Korean entertainment giant Smilegate Holdings, recently announced new content set to arrive for Lost Ark in a massive Season 2 update. Most of these new features are focused on improving the social gameplay aspects of Lost Ark, rather than just outright new raids or dungeons. Seen below is a summary of what were announced, and more will definitely be revealed over the weeks. Read on below!

Guild territory is a place where players can build structures here to aid the overall gameplay. It is similar to a guild house in most MMORPG titles, with new abilities, functions, and social aspects being added to Lost Ark. Non-guild players can visit too, this is according to the settings. There are many systems here, which are summarized below.

Some building examples shown include:

Research Laboratory

Crafting Shed

Quest Bounty (to hire other players to complete quests)

Trading NPCs (appear at random selling unique items)

Cosmetic structures (boost relationships with NPCs)

Decorations (includes a hedge maze and musical instruments which play songs)

Add NPCs to wander around the territory (will provide relationship bonuses)

Players having feasts to boost characters before raids

Exclusive costumes