PUBG Mobile – Police shuts down USD15 million game cheat business in China

According to an official news from the Chinese city of Kunshan, the local police force cracked down a team which has been selling game cheats for “Game for Peace,” the Chinese version of PUBG M. This is a 3rd party software for players to gain an unfair advantage in the highly competitive mobile battle royale. You know it is serious when a press conference was specifically held to make this announcement by the local authorities.

Developer Tencent Games was the one who found out about this cheat from an online cheat forum, and subsequently passed on the information to the police. A total of 12 arrests have been made. The group from Kunshan actually purchased the cheat from an unspecified overseas source, and has features such as auto-aim and browsing players’ resources. The selling prices of the cheat are around 10 RMB daily, 50 RMB weekly, and 200 RMB monthly.