PUBG Mobile – Tencent shuts down Chinese server and introduces new mobile battle royale

As some of you would have known, Tencent Games first introduced 2 mobile battle royales based on PUBG some time back, with the most popular one eventually becoming PUBG Mobile. Earlier today, the Chinese giant announced that the game’s beta phase has ended, and redirected players to a new mobile battle royale. The reason was that over the long beta phase for PUBG Mobile in China, the authorities refused to give official permission for the game to launch, and PUBG Mobile had been without a cash shop throughout the beta.

Notice for the closure of PUBG Mobile beta server in China.

The PC version of PUBG remains safe, with PUBG Corp having built an office in China to work closely with publisher Tencent Games. With the beta closure announcement given today, Tencent Games redirected players to its new mobile battle royale, titled Game For Peace (translates more directly to Peace Elites). The title is developed by internal team Lightspeed & Quantum Studios, which curiously also made PUBG Mobile. Game For Peace has immediately entered Open Beta as of today as well with many familiar game features.