Rohan Mobile – Playwith claims mobile MMORPG to launch in South Korea next month

First announced in November 2018, there has since been no updates on Rohan Mobile, the mobile MMORPG based on the popular PC title. According to a recent report in the Korean media, IP owner Playwith is working with developer NXGAMES to launch Rohan Mobile in their home country of South Korea this June. Rohan Mobile will apparently share the same worldview with the original game with familiar PVE and PVP features. Playwith is planning to launch Rohan Mobile in Taiwan and Thailand through its local subsidiaries next. There is no exact plans for a global service, but do stay tuned for more information coming soon!


  1. @lambo
    Most asobimo’s mmo game don’t have auto-play except, pokebel(2nd avabel-related game) their newest one….I assume they’ll be putting that function to their other newer games too probably.

  2. The problem with those Asian mobile MMOs is that they all have auto-play too deeply integrated to the point where the game plays itself and you aren’t even needed to do anything but watch.

    The real mobile MMORPGs that don’t have ANY auto-play are:

    1. Celtic Heroes
    2. Villagers and Heroes
    3. Order & Chaos 1
    4. Toram Online

  3. Dont put too much hope…..they launch it then takes too long for global release….game should be enjoyed by all people…


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