Shadow Arena – New dragon slayer hero “Tagahl” enters the battlefield

[Steam page] Pearl Abyss today announced that a new Hero Tagahl Sherekhan has arrived in Shadow Arena, Pearl Abyss’ new action-packed battle royale game now available in Early Access on Steam. The Free-to-Play game now offers 11 heroes, each catering to different strategies and combat styles. With an origin story written in the annals of Black Desert Online lore, Tagahl Sherekhan is a descendant of the Dragon Hunter tribe Sherekhan.

When a ferocious dragon appeared in Calpheon and terrorized its people, they called out to Tagahl for help. However, when Calpheon failed to reward him for defeating the dragon, he turned his back on those lands in discontent and left. He has finally found his way to the world of Shadow Arena, where he is preparing himself for a new battle. Tagahl is a warrior who uses his main weapon, his signature glaive, to deliver widespread damage with every blow. His ability to bypass or weaken his opponents’ defenses also allows him to attempt reversals. Players can now use his Inherent Skills to attack enemies more strategically.