Revisions: Next Stage – Game closure announced for Nexon’s anime mobile game

First announced in Jan 2019 and launched in Japan on October the same year, Revisions: Next Stage is the next game under Nexon to close down. Developed by devCat of Mabinogi fame, the story of Revisions is actually created by Gorō Taniguchi, director of Code Geass. The TV anime series should still be available on Netflix right now. No particular reason was provided for the game’s closure scheduled for 12 August, but it is likely due to low revenue.

Similar to Code Geass, there is a main focus on mech units controlled by the story characters, each with different abilities and utilities on the grid-based battlefield. The mech united can individually be upgraded as well via several gear slots. Revisions: Next Stage never made it outside of Japan, where the game should be able to find some successes.