The Everlasting Regret – A journey of the Tang Dynasty through a classic love story

The Everlasting Regret is not your typical mobile game or like any we have introduced thus far in MMO Culture. Other than being a single-player puzzle game, it is based on the love story of Emperor Xuangzong, the seventh emperor of China’s illustrious Tang Dynasty. He is perhaps the most famous emperor in China’s history after Qin Shi Huang, depicted in many games, TV dramas and movies over the years. The focus is on the love of his life, Yang Guifei, yet another historic character with much cultural influence even in this modern age.

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There is no gacha system, combat, or in fact any thing closely associated with mid or hardcore mechanics. Basically, The Everlasting Regret plays like an interactive poem as players need to solve puzzles in order to move on to the next page. Three paint elements, Vivify, Bond, and Destroy, will help players interact with each story segment to complete its narrative, but they can also be used to discover secret scenarios featuring new illustrations.

The bond between Emperor Xuanzong and Lady Yang Guifei is a sad one, hence do not expect any happy closure to this classic love story. Soundtrack also plays a key role in telling this tragic love story. The music running through the gameplay is characteristic of the Tang Dynasty in its use of Chinese traditional instruments. The Everlasting Regret is now available on iOS and Android in more than 50 regions on Google Play and App Store.