Lost Ark – Smilegate reveals new Scouter class

As part of the ongoing and super-massive Season 2 update, developer Smilegate recently revealed the new Scouter class, the 4th under the Hunter category (along with Devil Hunter, Blaster, and Hawkeye). This is not a bow and arrow Scouter, as he wields advanced technology with drones aiding him in battles. His main weapon of choice is the rapid-firing sub-machine gun, pretty cool for a fantasy title like Lost Ark. As a Scout, his skills involves quick attacks and dodging moves such as backflips (after throwing a grenade at targets).

The drone is like a pet feature for Scouter, with the ability to execute various commands. For example, he can remotely command the drone to move in advance to the desired location and immediately launch an attack there. They work well in PVP modes too! Some skills include deadly laser beams and even freezing targets. Apparently, Scouter can even grab on to his drone and perform aerial attacks! There is no date set yet for his release.