A3: Still Alive – Experiencing the Battle Royale mode in new mobile MMORPG

Based on a classic PC MMORPG with a focus on player-killing (PK) in the open world, A3: Still Alive is a modern mobile adaptation with the core PVP content being a 30-player battle royale mode. Previously, we briefly showcased the game’s starting PVE experience, and now let’s take a quick look at the battle royale. Here are some points which we made out.

● No matter what class you start off as in A3: Still Alive. you will still get to choose from a variety of weapons before the battle royale begins. For example, as a berserker, we could still select bow or even mage staff and obtain related skills.

● There are some unique weapons currently not tied to any playable class which can be unlocked by obtaining more points through playing the battle royale mode. A really interesting concept!

● All weapon, even swords and axes, have at least a medium range normal attack. This is probably due to the game developers wanting melee weapons to have some sort of balance when coming up against long range weapons such as bow and staff.

● There is NO auto-combat in the battle royale mode. Everything/ all controls are manual!

● The battle royale mode in A3: Still Alive is designed to start fast and end fast, so to that end the map is actually not big with kills coming in within the first 30 seconds. While this setup is understandable, it might be very frustrating for players who are used to the standard battle royale games which last a longer time.